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Spelman College Student Government Association

Spelman Student Government Association Officers

The Spelman Student Government Association (SSGA) is a body composed of elected and appointed student representatives which meets regularly to discuss matters of general concern regarding students. The assembly acts as a liaison between the student body and the faculty, staff and administration by presenting proposals, programs, activities, and resolutions that reflect the tenor of student opinion. The SSGA also seeks to foster sisterhood among Spelman women as well as to help students gain an understanding of themselves and society. Spelman College is committed to building a community of African-American women who are leaders of tomorrow. The College strongly encourages each woman to get involved in the various committees, programs and activities sponsored by the SSGA.

2017-18 SSGA Officers

Jill Cartwright
SGA President
Jill Cartwright
Tiara Lacey
Vice President

Tiara Lacey
Leah Herring
Secretary of Student Affairs
Leah Herring
Kendra Brown
Secretary of Business and Finance
Kendra Brown


Bria Page
Secretary of Academic Affairs
Bria Page

Alexis Gilmer
Secretary of Institutional Advancement
Alexis Gilmer

Cynthia Ziwawo
Secretary of Enrollment Management
Cynthia Ziwawo


Imani Dixon SSGA PresidentPresident 
Imani Dixon
Taylor Harrell SSGA Vice PresidentVice President 
Taylor Harrell
Tayor Debnam SSGASecretary of Academic Affairs
Taylor Debnam
Tiara SSGASecretary of Business and Finance
Tiara Lacey
Alexis Gilmer SSGASecretary of Student Affairs
Alexis Glimer
Khyra Kolidakis SSGA
Secretary of Enrollment Management
Khyra Kolidakis
Eris Calhoun SSGASecretary of Institutional Advancement
Eris Calhoun
Student Trustee
Mya Harvard
NkengeWalcottMarket Friday Director
Nkenge Walcott
Ashley Reid SSGA
Title IX Liaison

Jill Cartwright
Morgann Adams SSGAAdministrative Director
Morgann Adams
Renee Peterkin SSGAPEDs Liaison
Renee Peterkin
Mary Pat Hecor SSGACo-Director of Leadership and Civic Engagement
Mary-Pat Hector
SGA Ashley Reid
Co-Director of Leadership and Civic Engagement
Ashley Reid

Janae Sumter SSGASpecial Events Co-Director
Janae’ Sumter
Skye Warren SSGASpecial Events Co-Director
Skye Warren
Micah Henson SSGA
Chief Justice
Micah Henson
Brelynn Hunt SSGAPublic Relations Co-Director
Brelynn Hunt
Aiyanna ParksPublic Relations Co-Director
Aiyana Parks