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Title IX : Help and Support

Spelman Speaks Up

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Title IX?
  • What is Consent?
  • Does Information About a Report Remain Private?
  • Will My Parents Be Told?
  • Will the Responding Party Know My Identity?
  • Do I Have to Name the Responding Party?
  • I Don't Want to Make a Complaint. Can I Still Get Help From Spelman?
  • Who Can I Speak With for Concerns About my Grades/Coursework Following a Sexual Assault or Relationship Violence Incident?
  • What Do I Do if I Am Accused of Sexual Misconduct?
  • What is a Forensic Medical Exam/Rape Kit?
  • Will I (as a Victim) Have to Pay for Counseling/or Medical Care?
  • What About Legal Advice?
  • How Is a Report of Sexual Misconduct Decided?
  • What About Changing Residence Hall Rooms?
  • What Should I Do About Preserving Evidence of a Sexual Assault?
  • Will a Victim Be Sanctioned When Reporting a Sexual Misconduct Policy Violation if He/she Has Illegally Used Drugs or Alcohol Before the Incident?
  • Will the Use of Drugs or Alcohol Affect the Outcome of a Sexual Misconduct Conduct Resolution?
  • Will Either Party’s Prior Use of Drugs and/or Alcohol Be a Factor When Reporting Sexual Misconduct?
  • What Should I Do if I Am Uncertain About What Happened?
  • Is All Physical Contact in the Work or Educational Setting Sexual Harassment?
  • What is the Clery Act?
  • What is the Violence Against Women Act?
  • What Should I do After a Sexual Assault?

Key Contacts

Title IX Coordinator

Title IX Office

Public Safety

Counseling *

Student Health Services *

Religious Life *

24-Hour Response Hotline

*Indicates Confidential

Report an Incident

Sexual Misconduct Brochure (PDF)